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Getting faster growing, healthier hair is mostly a function of providing adequate nutrition and minerals to your scalp and follicles. Hair vitamins are formulated to provide targeted nutrition that improves scalp health, increases micro-circulation for faster growth, and enables increased life and body for fullness and volume.

dry hair

Slow growing hair often stems from poor nutrition. Today's diets rarely offer the broad-spectrum nutrients and minerals necessary for adequate growth. Vitamins and proteins critical to healthy follicle and root development are necessary to maintain sustained Anagen growth phase and to provide proper amino acid and protein development at a cellular level.

Amino acids prodived by Omega 3's, for instance, come from foods we eat and are not naturally ocurring in our bodies. Omega 3's are building blocks by which protein bonds are constructed. Niacin, Vitamin E, A and B are also crucial for faster hair growth and to ward off hair loss and thinning.

Hair Vitamins for faster hair growth are becoming increasingly popular as daily supplements for healthy hair. As a dietary supplement, they give your hair targeted nutrition - vitamins, minerals, and a host of critical amino acids - to not only gain new growth, but to improve body and life for thin or lifeless hair. Increasing volume gives you more styling ease while making your hair look thicker and shinier. Not to change the subject, but many pet owners use similar products to increase the shine of their pet's hair while reducing shedding. Hair vitamins have the same effect and purpose.

Vitamins and minerals such as Niacin, Vitamin B-12, Panthonenic Acid (commonly known as Panthenol), Folic Acid, Biotin, and Chlorophyll increase body and thickens the follicle shaft while directly providing nutrients that increase blood flow to the scalp and follicle bulb, strengthening protein bonds, and helping stimulate slower growing or thinning hair.

Amino acids work to improve cellular membrane structure providing increased strength, cellular turnover for new follicle development, and improved elasticity - decreasing breaking and tearing.

Benefits of Hair Vitamins

    Faster growth

    Reduced breaking, tearing and split-ends

    Improved volume, body and fullness

    Reduced thinning and Diffuse hair loss

Adding hair vitamins as a dietary supplement can give you faster hair growth, improved moisture retention, and thicker, more vibrant hair. Improve growth while adding a broad-spectrum vitamin supplement for increased scalp and follicle health and body.